Lets Chat: Mental Health Awareness + Self Care

Today is Mental Health Awareness day and if you’ve followed my journey whether it be Facebook, my old Tumblr days, Twitter, or Instagram then you know that I am a huge advocate when it comes to Mental Health.

I’m still very much in the thick of my depression and mental health journey, and I know that I will forever be fighting some sort of battle with my depression, but I also have hope that my “sad” days will turn into gratitude, joyous moments, being in the moment, less pain free, and healing. I still hold shame when it comes to sharing some personal stuff but I’m hoping with time, I will learn to shed that shame and be proud of what I have overcome throughout the years (and currently).

So lets get to what “Lets Chat” is all about; have you guys seen Red Table Talk on Facebook? If you haven’t or don’t know anything about it you need to do yourself a favor and check it out (click here). Any ways, Red Table Talk talks about all the hard stuff, taboo subjects, family stuff, and so on. It’s amazing and you’ll laugh and cry and hopefully learn something new or be inspired to change something or try something out. Well, I decided to piggyback off of Red Table Talk and was inspired to start my own series called…Lets Chat. Here we will talk about Mental Health, Body Positive, Feminism, Abuse, Taboo subjects, Triggers, and all the hard topics that are, well, H A R D. My goal is to share stuff that I know about and / or learn experiences but also bring in other women (and men) to share topics they may want to talk about but I don’t know about or have never experienced. So if there is something you want to talk about or share…email me and lets chat.

I wanted to get into Mental Health and shoot all the statistics and facts to you guys but I felt like today I need to share some “Mental Health Self Care” tips for people who may need it today (or the rest of the week). I know, personally, that these past few weeks have been trying and triggering. So I encourage you, if you’re still reading this and deal with mental health, to try some of these things out to take care of YOU.

Here are some Mental Health Self Care tips for the Body, Mind, and Soul:

1/ start a gratitude journal

2/ write a love letter to yourself

3/ speak kindly to yourself

4/ go to your favorite place (museum, that park bench, that coffee spot, that tree you like to read under, library, browse barnes and noble)

5/ STOP COMPARING YOURSELF (your journey is beautiful)

6/ Craft (paint, DIY project, color in a color book, make friendship bracelets)

7/ unplug from your phone / social media

8/ watch the sunrise / sunset

9/ do a brain dump

10/ declutter your space

11/ read a book

12/ move your body (hike, yoga, spin class, walk, run, swim)

13/ take a bath

14/ scream

15/ reconnect with nature

16/ by yourself flowers

17/ dance

18/ smile at yourself in the mirror

19/ leave love notes in random places

20/ remind yourself that some (most) things are just out of your control

I hope that these Self Care tips will help you out in the future. I know sometimes that it’s hard to do some of the most simplest things but I know you can do it (and I know I can do it too). You’re amazing and worthy of love, kindness, and this life. Remember to always be kind to yourself and know that it is okay to need and WANT to recharge your soul (even as a mother).