July Cosmic Forecast


My cosmic babes — happy cosmic filled July. This month is filled with all the cosmic energy; solar eclipses, two new moons, there are two retrogrades — all the yumminess in growth and healing. I’m sure most of you shuddered when y’all read “two planets will go retrograde” — but my babes, take retrogrades as a way to look inward, heal, and grow. Be open to all the magic that is going to happen this month.

July 1st — Mars enters Leo

A fiery planet is entering the lovely, fiery sign. Mars is the planet of aggression, what we stand for, how we fight. This planet has so much fire and so much energy, and it is entering the fiery, confident Leo. This cosmic energy is going to push us to show up in the world with confidence and passion — use it.

July 2nd — New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Happy new moon and solar eclipse, my babes. Today is going to be filled with so many deep emotional feels, and let me tell you why — Cancer is a deeply emotional sign, she is a protector, and makes you feel like home. A solar eclipse (kind of like the planet Jupiter), will magnify these feelings. Cancer is water sign, and the new moon is a time to step inside, sit down with ourselves, and sift through all the things we need.

Tonight allow yourself to feel all the feels. Sit in a cozy part of where you live and sit with yourself, and have a good cry. There are so many yummy things you can do tonight that can serve you; sage yourself, write down things that no longer serve you and release them through fire, right a list of the things that bring joy and comfort into your life and start to incorporate those things into your day to day, write out your intentions for the month, meditate during the solar eclipse (1:08pm-3:44pm CT) using “So Hum” mantra (I am), lie on your back and place a yummy drop of rose oil on your head, take a yummy bath. Do something that fills your cup up today — self care.

Sift through all the things you want to plant and see flourish or transform in the next six months. Your goals and needs may still be out of reach and you may still have work that needs to be done, but allow yourself to feel what you need to feel about those things and realize that you are growing and expanding into your path.

July 3rd — Venus enters Cancer

Oi — my loves, this month is seriously jammed packed with all the deep feelings. Venus the planet the rules relationships, love, and beauty enters Cancer the sign of home, feelings, protection today — aka: we are going to be feeling very deeply, tender, and sensitive. Again, let yourself feel all these feeling and allow yourself to peel back your vulnerability sides.

July 7th — Mercury Retrograde

I know — gasp! — Mercury Retrograde is here and I know most of you are already moaning and groaning over it. But my loves, this is not a time to fear or get anxious about — Mercury Retrograde (like every retrograde) pushes us to re-assess, reset, reflect, re-think, re-learn. It’s a good thing and it is a time to allow growth to happen. Yes, things can get a little wonky but flow with that.

Mercury is the planet of communication, the way we speak, the way we interpret things, and even your past. When this planet stations, things get a little wonky and frustrating. Everything that falls under the umbrella of communication can get fritzy. The past may pop up — aka: romantic relationships, situations, people. Again, this can have us running in fear but this is truly a gift for us to reevaluate all the things that happened during those different chapters.

Mercury Retrograde is actually a time to help us; it is a time to break away from the things that may no longer serve us, reevaluate the things that no longer serve us or what holds true for us, allow the moments that there are major forms of miscommunication to be a time to reflect, reflect on the past that is popping up and see how much you’ve healed.

July 8th — Chiron Retrograde

Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde today. This will be a time for some real deep and profound healing for all of us, for the world. Chiron energy will have some deep healing energy surfacing up to change you and your power. I love Chiron and love how much healing it tends to us — even the really painful ones.

July 16th — Full Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

This full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn is going to be so amazing, so fruitful, so healing, and have so much release. Lunar Eclipses, like I mentioned in New Moon in Cancer, is all about magnifying and bringing on extremely potent energy. Again, my loves, so many feelings. Capricorn is an earthy sign — so plant your feet on the ground, go out in nature. This moon is a time for you to really dig deep and sift through all the things that may no longer serve you and your purpose — sit with them and release it.

July 19th — Mercury Retrograde enters Cancer

Fun fact (for those that may not know this): Mercury Retrograde will always be in the same element it enters — this year, Mercury Retrograde entered in a water sign (so it will be in all 3 water signs) — just a heads up. Cancer is all about nostalgia and emotions — the next few weeks might circle around talks of the past. Feel them and remember them but don’t get too swept away with these thoughts / feelings.

July 22nd — Sun enters Leo

Aye! Happy Solar Return my Leo loves. Leo, the sign that is ruled by the sun, is known for being loud, charismatic, always the center of attention, life of the party, being bold and proud. This transition will not only be affecting Leo’s — this transition will have all of us feeling a little bolder, louder, prouder. We will feel the drama and the pull to really being seen. And you know what — let that light shine, babes. Allow yourself to roar, be seen, be loud, be proud. Spread that beauty with those that surround you. Celebrate yourself.

July 27th — Venus enters Leo

Sprinkle all the love and admiration wherever you go — no seriously do that, and this is seriously the perfect time to do so (yes, we should do this all the time, though). During the next few weeks, shower those around you with all the love and support and pep talks. Give them the compliments they deserve and need to hear, and don’t be afraid to receive that love back too.

July 31st — New Moon in Leo and Mercury Retrograde Direct

First I just want to say — WE DID IT. We made it through Mercury Retrograde. How do you feel? What did you reflect on? We will definitely still be feeling some aftermath affects until we leave it’s shadow (August 15th), but we made it through the thick of it. We are also entering our second new month of THIS month and it is in our shining star, Leo. Allow yourself to go inward and shine a bright fire on the things that you are passionate about. Celebrate you. Sift through all the ways you want to show up with yourself and this world. Take care of you.

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