June Cosmic Forecast


Happy June and New Moon in Gemini my loves. The beginning of this month is going to be filled with a ton of information and (possibly) fast pace communication, and maybe a little confusion.

June 3rd — New Moon in Gemini, Neptune Pisces Square

Happy new moon my sweet cosmic babes. The new moon in Gemini arrives on June 3 at 3:02am PT — this new moon will remind us that our words hold so much power. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, a magician in tarot and ruler in how we communicate. My rising is in Gemini and the only way I can explain what it’s like to have Mercury be my chart ruler is by comparing it to having a ridiculous amount of tabs open (and I really do have that going on in real life).

Remember, what we choose to fill our brains up with is essentially how we view our world. So choose what you read, what you engage with, how you speak / listen to wisely. Put down the phone and sift through some yummy information that fills your soul up.

June 4th — Mercury enters Cancer

** Enters emo music ** Mercury will be in Cancer until June 25th — Mercury, how we give / receive communication, will be entering our mother sign (Cancer). Cancer is watery, motherly, nurturing, and sensitive. Be prepared for deep feelings and sharing those deeps feelings with those you care about.

June 8th — Venus enters Gemini

Venus, the planet of love and relationships is entering flirty and flighty Gemini. Have fun with this; laugh a lot, flirt a lot, go on adventures, get curious, connect, and be free. But be careful — sometimes Gemini’s can become a little “gossipy” out of excitement or wanting to connect. Be mindful with how you connect with relationships during this time. Avoid connecting with others through gossip. Connect and have fun with all the things you have relationships with, and get curious.

June 17th — Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter Neptune Square

Happy Full Moon my beautiful babes. Tonight is a fire moon. Tonight is about standing in your truth and letting go of what no longer serves you. Tonight (and until the next full moon) is about freedom. Sagittarius energy is all about truth seeking, travel, being curious, and expanding. Neptune, the planet of invisible realm and fantasies and spirituality and dreams, will be squaring Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck and wisdom. Things may feel a little confusing or hazy; feel through it and know that this is temporary. Burn and release all the things that you have outgrown or no longer hold as truths.


That is right — another planet will station retrograde, and this planet will stay retrograde until November 27th. But please don’t be afraid — I know that retrogrades tend to get a bad rep (hello Mercury Retrograde) but in all honesty, retrogrades are a time to slow down and recenter. Neptune is one of my favorite planets — it’s beautiful, dreamy, spiritual, a little delusional, psychic, and imaginative.

This is such a perfect time to expand in your spirituality and dig deep. This retrograde is probably one of my favorites because moon in Pisces feels such a pull to my spiritual side and I always tend to grow more in that area, and gain more cosmic knowledge. Allow your soul to grow. Allow your soul to explore. Since Neptune is such a dreamy planet, be sure to ground yourself from time to time because your mind / day dreaming will wander a lot more than usual during this time.


Happy Solar Return Cancer babes, and Happy Summer Solstice. Wow, what a magical and powerful day. Cancer is ruled by the moon — emotions, the mother. Summer Solstice represents reflection, growth, new beginnings. We have Cancer who loves to stay nuzzled in (introverted) and Summer Solstice pushing us to sit outside and explore (extroverted). What a beautiful force, amirite? To be able to bring your inner workings out into the world; to stand in your truth, your power, your magic. This is such an exciting time / day to explore your deep feelings and desires and dreams. The impossible is possible.


Mercury, the planet of curiosity and communication, enters Leo, the sign of ego and attention. Expect a lot of dramatics and grand acts with communication. Communicating may have you feeling more confident. Express your thoughts with passion and fire — inspire those around you, inspire yourself. Remember to listen to those who are expressing their passions and fire with you — allow others to inspire you, too.

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