May Cosmic Forecast


Hey my sweet angels — HAPPY MAY and all things magic. So much beauty and magic to experience this month. We have an earthy new moon this Saturday, then we welcome a full moon in Scorpio — all things shadow work and looking inward, and then we end the month with thought provoking conversations.

May 4th — New Moon in Taurus

It’s a new moon in Taurus babes; the second sign of the zodiac, the creators of the zodiac. Taurus is ruled by Venus — the planet of beauty and love; it also rules over the throat, neck, vocal cord, and thyroid. This new moon in focused on our worth; where we seek it, how we measure it, and where do we feel secure. We are all on a self-worth journey and in many ways — seeking some sort of validation from somewhere or someone. Do you measure you worthiness by your bank account, the car you drive, the clothes your wear, how many friends you have, admiration from others? Know that you are worthy and your worthiness is deep within.

May 6th — Mercury enters Taurus

Taurus is earthy, grounded, and the first fixed sign — Mercury is the planet of communication and thoughts. Mercury will be in Taurus until May 21st — expect your thoughts to be grounded and practical but also leave room for change (Taurus is not a fan of change).

May 15th — Venus enters Taurus

Venus is feeling at home right now — Venus is the ruler of Taurus. This is such a magical and beautiful time; indulge in all the goodies but be careful to over indulge. Soak in the moments, treat yourself to that manicure or pair of new jeans, savor the moments you eat a yummy meal, practice self-care. This is a time for you.

May 15th — Mars in Cancer

Mars the planet of war, aggression, impulsivity, angst, assertion, what we stand for. Cancer the planet of nurture, mother, protection, and home. These two combinations will have us looking inward to exam what needs healing or protection when it comes to your family / home life. Our emotions might be running high during this time — feel them. Lay out much needed boundaries, allow yourself to heal or work towards healing, feel.

May 18th — Full Moon in Scorpio

It’s here — Full Moon in Scorpio, and you guys — this one is going to be such a transformative and magical time (full moon in Scorpio is one of my favorites). Scorpio not only brings out our dark side — it slays it in order to grow deeper into our truth. Scorpio is filled with emotion and is highly feminine. The next few days will be intense and high, when you are starting to feel like you’re unraveling — ask yourself if what your feeling is to help you grow or triggering something that you need healing from or truth. Be on the lookout for a more in-depth breakdown and ceremony / ritual for this full moon.

May 21st — Sun enters Gemini

The sun enters Gemini (my rising sign) ; the twin sign, loves to learn, moves quickly. Get curious folks — try out the things, learn all the things, push the boundaries. Like I stated already, Gemini is a twin sign — look at the other side of you. TRY NEW THINGS. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

May 21st — Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury is feeling snug and at home — Mercury is the planet of communication and thoughts. The next two weeks communications and thoughts should feel more fluid. With the sun and Mercury in Gemini — this is such a good time to learn new things, talk about all the things with different people, connect with others, get curious, have fun, explore.

Image via Bohemian Diesel Blog