New Moon in Libra

Hiya babes and happy new moon in Libra. I am so excited about this new series that I’m starting and I cannot wait to share all the new things that I’m learning through my Astrology class.


Bleh! I have honestly tabled this idea for way too long now; all because of insecurities and feeling unworthy of doing (and sharing) the things that I love most. But today is a new day, a new moon, a new beginning.

Can I get a round of applause for Cosmic Syb?!

Okay…I’m going to try and keep this post (and future ones) “short” and simple but I also want to make sure to share as much info as I can (and as I learn more) with you all. If you do end up having questions or wanting to know more, feel free to message me.

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, a clean slate. Each new moon will have its own magical energy that is determined by which zodiac sign it is in. As I stated above, this new moon is in Libra. Libra symbolizes balance and justice. Libra is also ruled by Venus; the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. This new moon in Libra wants us to find what centers us. All this is different for each person; there is no right or wrong way to find what centers / balances YOU.

The Tarot card that you see in this post is called the Justice card and it is typically in the middle of a brand new tarot deck (balance). Justice represents Libra, and Justice wants us to dig deep and ask ourselves the hard questions and it also wants us to take accountability, drop the victimhood act, and take ownership in the things that played a part in where we are today. Not only does Justice want us to hold ourselves accountable but it also wants us to take action in order to change the events that led us to where we are today. It is also telling you to speak your truth, stand up for the things you believe in, cut those toxic relationships / habits. It’s not easy to step into our truth, to hold ourselves accountable, to stop hiding behind victimhood but when we do those things…when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and hold ourselves accountable; that is when we grow into our higher selves and glow.

So ask yourself the hard questions:

What led you to where you are today? Why did you make the decisions that you made? Why are you beliefs your beliefs? How have the actions and choices you’ve made affected who you are today? What are you going to do to change a possible toxic perspective or choice or action?

Something I saw today was to pull two cards; one will represent what you will release (your left card) and what you are cultivating (your right card). My first card was Four Pentacles (reversed) which is governed by Sun in Capricorn; the four pentacles reverse is telling me to release the idea of “I am not my money, what I own, what job I may or may not have, my mistakes, or status.” Basically I need to release comparing myself to others and know that I am unique, powerful, and I have gifts to share with this world. My second card was Four Wands (reversed) which is governed by Venus in Aries; what I took from this card and reading is that I need to cultivate joy and to kick perfectionism to the curb. That I need to raise my freak flag high and not worry about what others may think, and to not seek validation from others for the things that I love and am proud of.

So here is a little exercise for you to do (that I’m sharing from a book that I use every month); Who am I today? Who am I becoming? What is my truth? How am I living my truth?

If you pull some cards tonight, share them with me if you’d like. Set your intentions out today (you have a good 24 hours to do this before the moon moves into Scorpio) and see what kind of magic grows from your words.