Full Moon in Taurus + Scorpio SZN + Aspects

Hey babes! Happy Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio (sun entered Scorpio yesterday).


Full Moon in Taurus:

Taurus represents all things earthy, sensual, feminine, grounded, and productivity. The Full Moon represents letting go / releasing what no longer serves you.

What did you learn during Libra season? What intentions did you set out during the New Moon in Libra? What is coming in full circle for you?

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual:

Grab some palo santo or sage to cleanse your area, grab a candle and earthy smells / oils (represents Taurus), grab a piece of paper and pen, and grabs some flowers / leaves.

Click here to read the full report because I really loved reading this ritual.


Moon Conjunction Uranus: Uranus is the planet of where we seek for change, nonconformity, and individuality. Allow him to sit with you in order to change what needs to be changed - whether it be your thoughts or physical things. Unexpected things may come up and impulses. Be kind to the changes you fear right now.

Moon Oppose Venus Retrograde: Venus is the planet of love, relationships, all things feminine, and possessions. Venus is currently in retrograde in Scorpio and is working so hard in love, femininity, and relationships. Retrogrades want us to reevaluate, to be honest with ourselves, to look at what we learned from our past. With the moon conjunction to Uranus and opposing Venus Retrograde; be in-tuned with your relationships and self, take note in how the people in your life make you feel, allow yourself to change what needs to be changed in relationships (what may have been working then may no longer work now), you might go through a rebirth.

Mercury in Scorpio: Mercury will be in Scorpio until October 31st. As many may know (or may not know), Scorpio born are known to be a little secretive and suspicious, and with Mercury being the planet of communication, conversations will be deep, secrets will be revealed, a darker side will make an appearance. Anything that is said should not be taken lightly. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable during this time. Observe.

Venus Sextile Saturn: There will be closure and / or resolutions to relationships. Like mentioned time and time again, Venus is the planet of love, relationships, possessions, and beauty. Saturn represents boundaries, rules, commitment, self discipline. So while Venus is looking for love, Saturn will be pushing us to set boundaries and commitment to our relationship that is either needing to be released or rebirth.

Scorpio SZN:

Scorpio represents all things watery, transformation, intensity, rebirth, deep, passion, and healing. She is an alchemist, a shaman, and a psychologist. She is also ruled by Pluto who represents rebirth, the dark under belly, death, endings, transformation.

If you are born during Scorpio season, well, Happy Solar Return.

Allow this season to transform you - a rebirth. Allow yourself to feel your fears, your truths, desires, and anything else that you may keep tucked away. Be honest with yourself with what needs to be transformed or released. Scorpios get a bad rep but to me, I think it’s one of the most beautiful signs in the zodiac (and I’m not saying this because I’m a Scorpio / fun fact: I used to HATE being a Scorpio). Last year something dark and mirroring and hard happened last year and it was during this potent season and it truly made me reevaluate my life and things I needed to transform and change. So with that said, feel what you need to feel and sit with your fears. Follow your intuition, release all your old and toxic patterns, and push through this extremely potent energy.

If you’re in your feelings and need to recharge during this season: swim in some water since Scorpio is a watery sign.

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