Planet Transits: October 15 Week

Hey babes! Happy Monday, and Happy New Week! As I mentioned over on my Instagram page; I’m going to try and share as often as I can between my blog and my Insta. I’m currently working through some kinks when it comes to my Instagram… aka: I unarchived most of my photos and now I’m trying to figure how to just start the process with sharing my new journey on there. I know, it’s silly and dumb. I hate that I’m such a perfections and extremely visual and obsessed with wanting things to flow a certain way, and I know that’s dumb and doing the most and all but, whatever. It was either wiping my slate clean and starting all over or keeping the old and starting my new journey on top of my oldies (everyone voted to keep my photos up).

Okay now that the crazy is out of the way, lets get to what this post is about. Yay!


The moon is currently stationed in Capricorn and will be there until Wednesday morning (7:36am UTC) where it will visit Aquarius for 2.5 days. Your intentions that you set during the new moon should start to feel real.

Today, October 15th, Mercury (the planet of communication / words / logic / thinking) conjuction to Venus (the planet of love / beauty / money / relationships) Retrograde; today is a great day to connect with people, deepen relationships, and to give a listening ear to folks.

On October 18-19th, Mercury trine Neptune (the planet of dream world / escape / art) and square Mars (planet of aggression / anger / survival / passion):

Mercury trine Neptune: you will definitely be more in your feels, you’ll be extra sensitive, and might feel more empathic towards others. This would be a fabulous day to do something artsy either by yourself or with others (better to do something fun, meaningful, and artsy with a group of people).

Mercury square Mars: with Mercury squaring Mars; feelings of frustration, being agitated, or annoyed by pop up. Whether it be towards you and others, it may surface. As I mentioned before, Mercury is the planet of communication and Mars is the planet of aggression; be kind to yourself and others, be aware of the words you decide to string along and share / spew out, be intentional with your words.

with knowing that Neptune is somewhat piggy backing Mars and find a way to balance your aggression, annoyance, or frustrations by maybe writing, painting, drawing, listening to music or making a playlist, or anything arts and crafts related, but involve a community (if you can).

This weeks Tarot card is The Six of Pentacles (Moon in Taurus)


What is something that I should focus on this week?

WOWOWOWOW! Aye! I love, LOVE that I pulled this particular card today, and not because it’s such a perfect “answer” for what we (I) should pay attention to / focus on this week but because I feel like it fits perfectly to this weeks planet transits.

Six of Pentacles represents compassion, generosity, hospitality, manifestation. Be kind to those who are less fortunate than you. Offer a helping hand or be there to listen to someones story. You never know, you could be talking to a karmic angel in disguise. Be open to receiving help, love, generosity from friends, family, or a stranger. Be grateful for the things you have in your life.

Would you guys be interested in a “Card of the day” type deal with Tarot? I’m currently learning more than I have before in recent years and would love to take you on that journey if that is something you’d like to see / read too. If so, drop a line in the comment box or shoot me a message. I know this post is out a little later than I had hoped for but today was hectic and to be honest, I should have written this out yesterday. (LEARNING)

Next weeks planet transits look F U N and I’m truly excited to be able to share with those of you who are interested all the stuff that I’m currently learning. Again, if you ever have a question or comment… shoot me a message. :)

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