New Moon in Scorpio + Transits

Hey babes and happy new moon in Scorpio. I’m so excited about this new moon because 1) this month is my Solar Return and 2) Scorpio / Pluto energy is such a potent and transformative time. Not only is it a new moon in Scorpio, this weeks planet transit is pretty magical and awesome.


Like I said last month in this post, the New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, a clean slate, and each new moon will have its own magical depending which zodiac sign it is in. This month the new moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio symbolizes life, death, and resurrection. It also represents the shadows, how we can reinvent ourselves, and rebirth. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld. This new moon is the most magical one of the year and it wants us to be open to receiving, it wants us to dig deep and confront our fears, it wants us to unveil all the things we keep hidden, it wants us to transform. Allow yourself to feel deeply, to open up, to receive, and to grow.

This moon has some amazing aspects; the North Node being in Cancer, Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, and a trine with Neptune in Pisces. Like I mentioned up above, this new moon is the most magical one this year. Take advantage of it.


North Node in Cancer / South Node in Capricorn (November 6th):

The North Node represents where we’re going, our future, our destiny. The South Node represents the gifts you bring into this lifetime, your comfort zone, what you know best. The North Node moved into Cancer and the South Node moved into Capricorn yesterday, November 6th, and whoa nelly I think we felt the effects of that. You see, North North wants us to embrace our intuition, our femininity, and it wants us to take care of ourselves (and others). Guess what happened last night? More than 100 women were elected to the Congress.

Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 8th):

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, so he is feeling at home with this particular transit. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so wherever he goes, he expands. Jupiter leads us to new opportunities, he gives us luck, he expand ours thoughts spiritually and physically. Sagittarius is always in search of truth, loves to travel, optimism, and dedication. So allow this transit to expand all this goodness for you. Be open to receiving new opportunities and ideas.


The Tarot card that represents Scorpio is, well, Death. A lot of people who are not well versed in Tarot typically feel like Death is a “bad” card to draw, but in fact, it’s actually a pretty good one to get. Death represents change, transformation, and rebirth (just like the planet Pluto). Death is about overcoming our fears, digging deep into the own and facing our demons head on. It’s literally symbolizing the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

So ask yourself:

What are some old and unneeded parts of yourself that you know you need to let go of but may have a hard time doing so? What are some things you want to change?

Just like last new moon, draw two cards - one will represent what you need to release (the left) and the second card will represent what you are cultivating (the right).

The first card I drew was the Nine of Cups and it is governed by Jupiter in Pisces and represents savoring the moment and all the things that life has to offer - it’s pleasures. Life is happening now, right in front of you. Enjoy it. So maybe what this card is trying to tell me is to release the anxiety of what the future may hold and focus on the now. Enjoy the now. The second card the drew was Queen of Swords and it is associated by Libra. The Queen of Swords is a quick-thinker, honest, strong-willed, and symbolizes bringing order to chaos and setting boundaries. She tells to embrace our strengths, to be more self-disciplined, to speak up for myself more, to create health boundaries. This card hit it right on the money with what I’ve been thinking about the past few days, and that is - being more self-disciplined (in my studies especially), to set better boundaries, and to start speaking out instead of feeling like I need to be the “bigger” person.

Set your intentions out, babes! This new moon is going to be absolutely amazing.

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Full Moon in Taurus + Scorpio SZN + Aspects

Hey babes! Happy Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio (sun entered Scorpio yesterday).


Full Moon in Taurus:

Taurus represents all things earthy, sensual, feminine, grounded, and productivity. The Full Moon represents letting go / releasing what no longer serves you.

What did you learn during Libra season? What intentions did you set out during the New Moon in Libra? What is coming in full circle for you?

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual:

Grab some palo santo or sage to cleanse your area, grab a candle and earthy smells / oils (represents Taurus), grab a piece of paper and pen, and grabs some flowers / leaves.

Click here to read the full report because I really loved reading this ritual.


Moon Conjunction Uranus: Uranus is the planet of where we seek for change, nonconformity, and individuality. Allow him to sit with you in order to change what needs to be changed - whether it be your thoughts or physical things. Unexpected things may come up and impulses. Be kind to the changes you fear right now.

Moon Oppose Venus Retrograde: Venus is the planet of love, relationships, all things feminine, and possessions. Venus is currently in retrograde in Scorpio and is working so hard in love, femininity, and relationships. Retrogrades want us to reevaluate, to be honest with ourselves, to look at what we learned from our past. With the moon conjunction to Uranus and opposing Venus Retrograde; be in-tuned with your relationships and self, take note in how the people in your life make you feel, allow yourself to change what needs to be changed in relationships (what may have been working then may no longer work now), you might go through a rebirth.

Mercury in Scorpio: Mercury will be in Scorpio until October 31st. As many may know (or may not know), Scorpio born are known to be a little secretive and suspicious, and with Mercury being the planet of communication, conversations will be deep, secrets will be revealed, a darker side will make an appearance. Anything that is said should not be taken lightly. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable during this time. Observe.

Venus Sextile Saturn: There will be closure and / or resolutions to relationships. Like mentioned time and time again, Venus is the planet of love, relationships, possessions, and beauty. Saturn represents boundaries, rules, commitment, self discipline. So while Venus is looking for love, Saturn will be pushing us to set boundaries and commitment to our relationship that is either needing to be released or rebirth.

Scorpio SZN:

Scorpio represents all things watery, transformation, intensity, rebirth, deep, passion, and healing. She is an alchemist, a shaman, and a psychologist. She is also ruled by Pluto who represents rebirth, the dark under belly, death, endings, transformation.

If you are born during Scorpio season, well, Happy Solar Return.

Allow this season to transform you - a rebirth. Allow yourself to feel your fears, your truths, desires, and anything else that you may keep tucked away. Be honest with yourself with what needs to be transformed or released. Scorpios get a bad rep but to me, I think it’s one of the most beautiful signs in the zodiac (and I’m not saying this because I’m a Scorpio / fun fact: I used to HATE being a Scorpio). Last year something dark and mirroring and hard happened last year and it was during this potent season and it truly made me reevaluate my life and things I needed to transform and change. So with that said, feel what you need to feel and sit with your fears. Follow your intuition, release all your old and toxic patterns, and push through this extremely potent energy.

If you’re in your feelings and need to recharge during this season: swim in some water since Scorpio is a watery sign.

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Planet Transits: October 15 Week

Hey babes! Happy Monday, and Happy New Week! As I mentioned over on my Instagram page; I’m going to try and share as often as I can between my blog and my Insta. I’m currently working through some kinks when it comes to my Instagram… aka: I unarchived most of my photos and now I’m trying to figure how to just start the process with sharing my new journey on there. I know, it’s silly and dumb. I hate that I’m such a perfections and extremely visual and obsessed with wanting things to flow a certain way, and I know that’s dumb and doing the most and all but, whatever. It was either wiping my slate clean and starting all over or keeping the old and starting my new journey on top of my oldies (everyone voted to keep my photos up).

Okay now that the crazy is out of the way, lets get to what this post is about. Yay!


The moon is currently stationed in Capricorn and will be there until Wednesday morning (7:36am UTC) where it will visit Aquarius for 2.5 days. Your intentions that you set during the new moon should start to feel real.

Today, October 15th, Mercury (the planet of communication / words / logic / thinking) conjuction to Venus (the planet of love / beauty / money / relationships) Retrograde; today is a great day to connect with people, deepen relationships, and to give a listening ear to folks.

On October 18-19th, Mercury trine Neptune (the planet of dream world / escape / art) and square Mars (planet of aggression / anger / survival / passion):

Mercury trine Neptune: you will definitely be more in your feels, you’ll be extra sensitive, and might feel more empathic towards others. This would be a fabulous day to do something artsy either by yourself or with others (better to do something fun, meaningful, and artsy with a group of people).

Mercury square Mars: with Mercury squaring Mars; feelings of frustration, being agitated, or annoyed by pop up. Whether it be towards you and others, it may surface. As I mentioned before, Mercury is the planet of communication and Mars is the planet of aggression; be kind to yourself and others, be aware of the words you decide to string along and share / spew out, be intentional with your words.

with knowing that Neptune is somewhat piggy backing Mars and find a way to balance your aggression, annoyance, or frustrations by maybe writing, painting, drawing, listening to music or making a playlist, or anything arts and crafts related, but involve a community (if you can).

This weeks Tarot card is The Six of Pentacles (Moon in Taurus)

What is something that I should focus on this week?


WOWOWOWOW! Aye! I love, LOVE that I pulled this particular card today, and not because it’s such a perfect “answer” for what we (I) should pay attention to / focus on this week but because I feel like it fits perfectly to this weeks planet transits.

Six of Pentacles represents compassion, generosity, hospitality, manifestation. Be kind to those who are less fortunate than you. Offer a helping hand or be there to listen to someones story. You never know, you could be talking to a karmic angel in disguise. Be open to receiving help, love, generosity from friends, family, or a stranger. Be grateful for the things you have in your life.

Would you guys be interested in a “Card of the day” type deal with Tarot? I’m currently learning more than I have before in recent years and would love to take you on that journey if that is something you’d like to see / read too. If so, drop a line in the comment box or shoot me a message. I know this post is out a little later than I had hoped for but today was hectic and to be honest, I should have written this out yesterday. (LEARNING)

Next weeks planet transits look F U N and I’m truly excited to be able to share with those of you who are interested all the stuff that I’m currently learning. Again, if you ever have a question or comment… shoot me a message. :)

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New Moon in Libra

Hiya babes and happy new moon in Libra. I am so excited about this new series that I’m starting and I cannot wait to share all the new things that I’m learning through my Astrology class.


Bleh! I have honestly tabled this idea for way too long now; all because of insecurities and feeling unworthy of doing (and sharing) the things that I love most. But today is a new day, a new moon, a new beginning.

Can I get a round of applause for Cosmic Syb?!

Okay…I’m going to try and keep this post (and future ones) “short” and simple but I also want to make sure to share as much info as I can (and as I learn more) with you all. If you do end up having questions or wanting to know more, feel free to message me.

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, a clean slate. Each new moon will have its own magical energy that is determined by which zodiac sign it is in. As I stated above, this new moon is in Libra. Libra symbolizes balance and justice. Libra is also ruled by Venus; the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. This new moon in Libra wants us to find what centers us. All this is different for each person; there is no right or wrong way to find what centers / balances YOU.

The Tarot card that you see in this post is called the Justice card and it is typically in the middle of a brand new tarot deck (balance). Justice represents Libra, and Justice wants us to dig deep and ask ourselves the hard questions and it also wants us to take accountability, drop the victimhood act, and take ownership in the things that played a part in where we are today. Not only does Justice want us to hold ourselves accountable but it also wants us to take action in order to change the events that led us to where we are today. It is also telling you to speak your truth, stand up for the things you believe in, cut those toxic relationships / habits. It’s not easy to step into our truth, to hold ourselves accountable, to stop hiding behind victimhood but when we do those things…when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and hold ourselves accountable; that is when we grow into our higher selves and glow.

So ask yourself the hard questions:

What led you to where you are today? Why did you make the decisions that you made? Why are you beliefs your beliefs? How have the actions and choices you’ve made affected who you are today? What are you going to do to change a possible toxic perspective or choice or action?

Something I saw today was to pull two cards; one will represent what you will release (your left card) and what you are cultivating (your right card). My first card was Four Pentacles (reversed) which is governed by Sun in Capricorn; the four pentacles reverse is telling me to release the idea of “I am not my money, what I own, what job I may or may not have, my mistakes, or status.” Basically I need to release comparing myself to others and know that I am unique, powerful, and I have gifts to share with this world. My second card was Four Wands (reversed) which is governed by Venus in Aries; what I took from this card and reading is that I need to cultivate joy and to kick perfectionism to the curb. That I need to raise my freak flag high and not worry about what others may think, and to not seek validation from others for the things that I love and am proud of.

So here is a little exercise for you to do (that I’m sharing from a book that I use every month); Who am I today? Who am I becoming? What is my truth? How am I living my truth?

If you pull some cards tonight, share them with me if you’d like. Set your intentions out today (you have a good 24 hours to do this before the moon moves into Scorpio) and see what kind of magic grows from your words.